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Cutting through the BS- The Truth about the Target Hack and IoT DDoS

It seems every week lately I get a question about the security of Building Automation Systems. But, the problem is the folks are asking the wrong questions. Yes, it is scary that the average BAS technician doesn't have an IT background. It does keep me up at night...
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BAM 048: Everything You Need to Know About Servers and Databases

Welcome to Episode 48 of the Building Automation Monthly Podcast. This is the 2nd episode in the 3-part series on IT. In this episode, I will be teaching you a ton of information around compute, applications, and databases. You will leave this episode with a much...
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BAM 047: What is IT and a look at IT networking

In this episode, I take you with me on a journey into the world of information technology. One of the most requested topics is information technology and I understand why. For most folks in the BAS world, IT is like a black art. Something that is full of acronyms,...
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BAM 046: C02 control and other BAS concepts

In this episode, I answer a question I got from a BAM nation subscriber around C02 control. I then proceed to dive deep into the core concepts around pressure, airflow, and heat transfer. I look at these concepts from the perspective of a BAS professional and I share...
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BAM 045: A primer on Hydronic systems for BAS

Hydronic systems, also known as waterside systems, are critical to the performance of a building. In this episode, I will be discussing hydronic systems and the key points that a BAS professional needs to know about them. You will leave this podcast episode with a...
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