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BAM 55: The skinny on sensors

Have you ever wondered how a temperature sensor really works? What does the RTD mean and why is 1,000 ohms resistance so important. What does the RTD mean and why is 1,000 ohms resistance so important? In this week's Friday Fan Answers I discuss a question from...
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BAM 54: Can you have a career in BAS?

Lately, several folks have asked me, "Phil how did you get into the world of BAS?". While it's always fun to talk about myself, what I think folks are really asking is "Phil, how can I get into the world of BAS?" and "What career path is there for me beyond just being...
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FFA 001: How do I know the hardware specifications for my BAS device?

Welcome to the new podcast series called "Friday Fan Answers or FFA). Each Friday I will be answering a question from the BAM nation. This week I am answering a question I commonly get asked. The question I often get asked how to find out what the IT requirements for...
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BAM 53: 7 tips every BAS person should know about

Throughout my career, I've learned a lot of tips. Most of the time these tips came from the school of hard knocks but sometimes I was lucky enough to have someone come beside me and share the knowledge they gained. Well in this episode I'm doing just that! I'm going...
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BAM 052: A deep-dive into BACnet

Protocols define how pieces of technology communicate amongst one another. But how much do you really know about the protocols that govern the "rules" of your BAS? If you find BACnet to be a confusing topic you're not alone. The BAS world is already full of acronyms...
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