Let's remove the boat anchor of IT
from your BAS career
How Growing in your knowledge of IT will make you succeed in your BAS career
On this page, you will not only learn how you can do that but also:
  • Why the future of your career depends on you learning IT
  • How a few simple changes can make your interactions with IT painless

Maybe you’ve noticed the shift taking place in the market, maybe you haven’t… 

Really it doesn’t matter, the change is happening whether you noticed it or not… Meetings with IT are becoming a requirement and they are an influential voice in whether your projects get approved… IT even has a say on whether your company’s proposal gets selected…

The reality is the BAS industry is woefully unprepared for the onslaught of IP-enabled hardware, cloud-based systems, edge analytics, and micro-services that are going to be unleashed on the market. If you just read the previous sentence and said, “Huh???” 

Then you are in the right place.

I’m going to show you how you can massively increase your knowledge of IT. When I say massively increase, I mean that you can bypass years of studying and trial and error, and learn IT in a couple days.

In my new program, Information Technology for BAS Professionals, you can arrive at any skill level, and leave knowing what you need to:

  • Lead and motivate IT in meetings, so that you get what your project needs
  • Understand and communicate your IT needs, without getting a degree in IT
  • Future proof your BAS career by understanding the IT systems that BAS being released to the market use right now!

Further down this page, I am going to tell you how you can sign up for this groundbreaking training program. 

As BAS professionals we are asked to know a lot. We need to know contracting, HVAC, electrical systems, local codes, project management, and the list goes on. And now with Building Automation Manufacturers releasing new control systems that are dependent on IT… We’ve got to learn IT as well…

Just this year two major manufacturers released IP and wireless-enabled control lines, more manufacturers are gearing up to do the same… yet in the field sales people, engineers, and technicians are struggling to have basic conversations with IT…

There are only two ways this ends… Adapt or perish…

I Went Through this transformation as well

As you sit there reading this, maybe you’re like I was, you know you need to grow in your knowledge of IT but it seems so overwhelming. I mean, where do you even start? Do you grab a book and start reading? Do you go to a community college and take a few classes? Do you attend a certification class?

All of these actions are good, but do they get you to where you need to be? Do they teach you what a BAS Professional needs to know…

And then there is the problem of time, it’s very likely that you are working 40 to 50 hours a week with 2 hours of driving each day as well. All told that’s 60 hours a week. How can you fit in months and for some of you maybe years of studying with that kind of schedule…

The Reality is if you don't learn iT you will get replaced

The reality is, that if you don’t find a way to fit in the time, to learn IT you will get replaced. I know, I know… They can’t replace all the knowledge you have in your head, the years you’ve spent mastering HVAC, Design Engineering, and Sales… But history say’s your wrong…

There are scores of former pneumatics technicians and old-school designers who at best are getting paid peanuts and at worst are without a job… The same is happening, I see it everyday engineers battling against razor thin margins who realize that learning technology is their only hope… Technicians confronted with IP controls, subnets, routing, NAT, and all sorts of other three letter IT acronyms that must adapt…  Salespersons who are being challenged by an emboldened IT organization who have the final say in whether their proposal is accepted…

This is the tip of the iceberg, it’s only going to get more intense. And those of you who don’t adapt, you will perish…

This course will pay for itself in half a day. What I've learned in this course has enabled me to do in minutes what used to take hours. This course has paid for itself many times over... 
- Todd Cleghorn
But it Doesn't have to be that way

You can change your fate. You can choose to become one of the BAS professionals who embraces the future. You can escape the “IT Knowledge Gap” before it sucks you down.

You can decide right now, that learning IT is vitally important to you career, invest in yourself, future-proof your career, and make IT an ally, not an enemy. I believe you can do this, I believe that you can take the time and learn IT, no matter what your technical skill level is.

But what if you don't want to take months and maybe years to learn IT. What if there was a way to rocket to the top, to quickly make quantum leaps in your knowledge of IT?

There is, but first, let me tell you what most folks do...
The traditional path to learning iT
When most BAS folks set about learning IT they follow a path that looks something like this...

Pick up a couple books, read maybe a quarter of the way through and then get bored. They then move onto watching videos but the person teaching doesn't understand BAS and the challenges we face so there's a disconnect.

Now at their wits end they try to go to a boot camp class only to find that the class teaches 10% of what they need to know and 90% of what they don't (History of the Internet and OSPF Routing Algorithms anyone ....)

So how can you learn IT quickly and only learn what you need? This sounds impossible. But it's not impossible... You just need to make sure that the solution you choose meets these 5 criteria:
  • The trainer must have a background in BAS and have actually worked with IT on BAS Projects
  • The training program needs to focus on step-by-step processes that you can apply right now to solve your IT challenges 
  • The training must be able to be accessed without physically attending a class and must be consumable while you are on the go (you know how much time us BAS folks spend in the car)
  • The training must have short, easy to understand videos that assume no prior knowledge
  • There must be a way to collaborate with other BAS Professionals in order to grow in your knowledge once the course is over
My Journey Towards IT Mastery
My entire career in building automation has been one of learning. That's why I love BAS so much and encourage folks to enter the field.  However, I wasn't always the IT expert I am now.  You see, when I talk about the path most folks take to learn IT I talk with conviction and experience because I've taken that path before. Just take a look at the picture below.
Yes, that is a "part" of my "journey" towards IT mastery sitting on a shelf in my closet. What you don't see are the over three years and thousands of hours of studying to gain two Master's Degrees in IT and over 6 IT certifications.

The reality is, I didn't need to do any of this. I just needed someone who had been in my shoes, who had made the journey...

To tell me what I needed to learn, to cut out the fluff...

But there wasn't anyone like that... I had to go it alone... 
But you're Not Alone
You, my friend, are not in that position... No, you have arrived here at the perfect time. A time when all of the knowledge you need to know has been captured. Now you just need a way to get access to this information and you need to have someone who has been in your shoes...

Someone who has made the journey...

So that you can take the hidden shortcut that I didn't know existed...
After this course, I think about problems I've seen and the so-called pros who are having trouble not figuring out the problems on the system they installed.  Now, I feel light years better about problems I will run into in the field.  Bring it!
-Albert Rendahl
That's why I created IT For BAS Pros
I know for a 100% fact that the need for IT knowledge is only increasing. And it will continue to increase. Everyday I get e-mails from my several thousand followers and 50% of those e-mails have something to do with IT.  At first I tried to answer the e-mails every night but I couldn't keep up.

Next I tried to teach people through podcasts and blog articles but I could only teach parts and pieces.

I realized that to really serve the BAS community I needed to create a training program. That assumed no previous knowledge.

This program needed to take the student through a very clear and defined process that would teach them what they needed to know and only what they needed to know.

So I did what I normally do. I created a training program and recruited over 70+ BAS professionals from all walks of life (engineers, sales reps, technicians, owners, and integrators). I invited them into the course and together we created the training program you are reading about today.

What lies ahead of you is the culmination of years of field experience, Two Master's Degrees, and 6 IT certifications, tempered by the experience and review of over 70+ BAS Professionals.

This is the ultimate IT training program.

But what is the program...

If you want to understand fully how IT and IT staff operate within BAS environment, you NEED to purchase this course. Everything you need to know is all in one place, so you don't have to waste time on areas of IT that aren't relevant to your job.
-Simon Hopkins
Here's What You're Getting With The IT For BAS Pros Training Program (And Why You Should Purchase It)
The course consists of 13 jam-packed, knowledge bomb filled modules. Each module is packed with videos that teach you the fundamentals, step-by-step process, and how to handle IT objections. There is no fluff, no history of the internet.

Just straight up knowledge bombs for BAS professionals by a BAS professional!
Module 1: Intro To IT
Learn how IT departments are organized, who you should work within IT to solve BAS problems, and how to get sponsorship from IT to solve your issues.
  • Save time by learning how an IT group is organized so you know exactly who to go to (Lesson 1)
  • Get more done by discovering how to use the IT organization to help influence IT to work with you not against you! (Lesson 2)
Module 2: Networking 
Learn the different networking components, what IP addresses are and how they work, how networks function, and much, much more.
  • Demystify the IP Address so you know exactly what you need when setting up a BAS (Lesson 2)
  • Increase your efficiency by using my step-by-step process to ask for and get IP Addresses (Lesson 6)
  • Be fearless in meetings with my strategies that help you handle IT Objections around IP addresses and network access (Lesson 7 and 8)
Module 3: Servers And Clients
Learn the different networking components, what IP addresses are and how they work, how networks function, and much, much more.
  • Win back your time by knowing how to easily find and communicate server requirements (Lesson 2)
  • Become a trusted advisor by understanding when and when not to use virtual machines (Lesson 4)
Module 4: Databases
Learn what a database is, how it is used, how data models work, how to ensure that your data types match up, and how to work with IT to get a database server.
  • Avoid callbacks by making sure your BAS database is setup right from the get go (Lesson 2)
  •  Learn how to get IT to support your BAS Database so you aren't bogged down providing free support (Lesson 3)
  • Why it is important to develop a relationship with your IT database professional, this will make reporting so ridiculously easy... (Lesson 4)
Module 5: Remote Access
Learn how remote access works, the four kinds of remote access, how to setup remote access, and how to handle IT objections around remote access.
  • The four different types of remote access and when to use them (Lesson 2)
  • The exact questions you need to be prepared to answer before asking IT for remote access, so you can get remote access without the hassle (Lesson 3)
  • My remote access checklist so you can address IT's challenges when you ask for remote access (Lesson 4)
Module 6: Cybersecurity
Learn what cybersecurity is, how a hack happens, the truth about the Target and IoT DDoS attacks, how to secure your BAS, and how to convince IT your BAS is secure. 
  • Learn what cybersecurity is and how cybersecurity attacks happen so that you can address IT's concerns  (Lesson 1)
  • How the Target and IoT DDoS attacks really occurred and why you may secretly be looking like an idiot if you are just repeating what you heard... (Lesson 2)
  • How to increase the security of your BAS with my step-by-step BAS Hardening process (Lesson 3)
Module 7: Cloud
Learn what the cloud is, how a BAS can function in the cloud and how to address IT concerns about the cloud.
  • Join the conversation your customers already having by learning what the cloud is and what it isn't (Lesson 1)
  • Be cloud-ready by discovering the three different ways a BAS could be hosted in the cloud and when you would want to use them (Lesson 2)
  • Address IT and customer concerns by understanding how to use the cloud as part of your BAS installation (Lesson 3)
Module 8: Internet Of Things
Learn what the Internet of Things (IoT) is, how IoT works, and how to keep up to date on all things IoT.
  • Cut through the clutter and learn what IoT is and it can benefit you (Lesson 1)
  • Discover how to keep up to date with IoT without sacrificing your personal life (Lesson 2)
  • Become a trusted advisor with the exact criteria to use in evaluating IoT solutions (Lesson 3) 
Module 9: API's And Programming
Learn what an API is, how an API works, what an SDK and service are, and how all of this comes together in an integrated BAS.
  • Expand your capabilities by learning what an API is and how they work (Lesson 1)
  • Avoid cost overruns by learning the limitations of integration and how data models will make or break your integration projects (Lesson 2)
  • Save yourself and your customers time when you discover why API's aren't the cure-all most folks make them out to be (Lesson 4)
Module 10: Computer Management, Services, And Logs
Learn how to use computer management, services, and logs to troubleshoot and maintain your BAS.
  • Become independent from IT, by using the tools that exist in Windows to maintain your server (Lesson 1)
  • Why system logs can save your butt and why you must use them (Lesson 2)
  • Avoid that midnight call by keeping your BAS services from crashing (Lesson 3)
Module 11: Protocols And Ports
Learn what protocols and ports are, the major protocols and ports you need to know, and how to keep your BAS secure while exposing the ports and protocols you need.
  • Don't spend hours on the phone with tech support, learn what ports and protocols are and how they work with your BAS (Lesson 1)
  • Free your BAS, discover how to make sure your BAS traffic isn't blocked (Lesson 2)
  • Solve any IT problem with the 7 step model that defines how a BAS system works (Lesson 3)
Module 12: Advanced Networking (NAT, VLSM, And QoS)
Learn the fundamentals of NAT, VLSM, QoS, and Port Security. This information will help you support BAS installations at the enterprise level.
  • Always stay connected, the secret to keeping your remote BAS connections from being blocked (Lesson 1)
  • Grow with your customers, learn how to design BAS networks that will scale (Lesson 2)
  • Don't let Youtube shut down your BAS learn how to make sure your BAS traffic never gets dropped by the network (Lesson 3)
Module 13: Network Troubleshooting
Learn how to identify the signs of network failures using my step-by-step process to resolve your network issues. 
  • Don't wait in the IT ticket queue, the 6 different network failures and how to identify them (Lesson 1)
  • Discover the network tools and commands that detect and fix network issues (Lesson 2 & 3)
  • Fix 99.9% of network issues with 5 step troubleshooting process (Lesson 4)
Phil’s course has saved me thousands of dollars. If people working for you are involved with Building Automation Systems, you need to make this course part of their professional development plan.
-Denis O’Connor
You Don't need to be a Techie Expert
 One of the questions folks ask themselves when they are looking at a training program goes something like this.

"What if I'm not Technical" or it might be something like, "Gosh Phil those last couple modules sure look techie is this for me, I'm in sales, engineering, management, I'm not an IT expert!"

I get that, your life's ambition is probably not to be a developer working for Google. However, I didn't want to shortchange you. If you only go through the first 7 modules of this program you will see a massive return on your investment. And, if you're one of those people who like to go a little deeper, well I've got you covered as well.

Even after me saying that some of you may still have some self-doubts, I know how that is because I've been there before.
So, I want to put that fear to rest right now.  My superpower is taking complex topics and making them easy to digest, understand, and apply. In this course, I bring that same level of teaching.  You will not get left behind and you will learn information that will apply to you even if you're in a non-technical role like sales.  

And to show you it's not just me and a couple of nerds hiding in a closet, I want you to hear what Fernado has to say...
How cool would it be?
How impactful would it be if you, like Fernando, could quickly learn IT and apply that knowledge to the challenges you are experiencing in the field?
What would it be like to be able to meet with IT, answer their questions, and leave meetings with your IT needs met?
Would it increase your sales or make your projects run smoother if you could easily work with IT?
I have a message for you from your future self. “Make the sacrifice required to make this happen. If that means paying for this yourself, DO IT! Having this content tailored to your career will save you hundreds of hours. This is not an exaggeration. Further, when required to dig deeper, you will be so much better prepared for the gauntlet in front of you."
-Bob DeGroat
You Are Protected By
Phil Zito's "Grow in Your Knowledge of IT or Get All Your Money-Back, No-Fuss, 30-day Guarantee

My new program Information Technology for Building Automation Professionals comes with my No-Fuss, 30-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. 

By the time you finish this program, you will:

  • Intuitively know the answers to information technology questions  
  • Be the information technology expert that everyone turns to  
  • Eliminate project delays caused by IT, so that your projects are delivered On-time and on-budget 
  • Reduce the amount of network, server, and database issues with your BAS by proactively working with IT
  • Increase your income by taking on complex projects and new positions 
  • Know intuitively how to work with IT to resolve issues with your BAS

"My goal is to help you to take your knowledge of information technology to the next level. I believe that anyone can learn information technology. You do not need to be an engineer or even a technical person. It is my personal promise that I will teach you information technology, no matter where you are in your learning journey. I believe in my new program so much, I am offering a 30-day money back guarantee.  " - Phil Zito

If at any time during your first 30 days of owning this program you feel that I have not provided you the ability to better understand IT, work with IT, and resolve IT issues then simply send an e-mail to Phil@PhilZito.com and I will send you your refund within 3 business days. If you aren't satisfied for any reason, then I do not want to keep your money.
I want to be clear, there are no strings attached to my refund policy. You don't need to fill out a form or answer some questionnaire... and I promise I won't question you or pressure you to try to change your mind. (Just for the record I've had over 1,100+ customers, and have never had a single refund request!)

And you won't have to wait weeks for a refund. I will issue your refund within 3 business days.
Just had a 6 router job that I had to work with their IT for IPs, routing, and remote access(multi-billion dollar company). It all went off without a hitch. The confidence in knowing how to appropriately convey my needs to the dept head was great.
-Rob Folger
What is this program worth
This program will pay for itself and here's why:
  • You will learn to communicate with and influence IT. This alone will easily save you the cost of the course in the time you gain back. 
  • You will learn the fundamentals of IT, without leaving your house. You will not have to pay travel costs or take time off work.
  • You will learn only what you need to know in short video lessons. You will not be spending years studying for certifications or attending long drawn out training programs.
  • You will gain access to a network of fellow BAS professionals. You will have access to a network of BAS professionals that you will be able to ask questions from.
  • You will have 4 chances to have me personally answer your IT questions. You will be able to tap into my vast experience, which if you were able to buy would cost you $300/hr.
  • You will have permanent access to the course and all future updates. As students ask questions this course will continue to expand and I will be adding new content to it.
This course is the culmination of my decade worth of experience. I've spent over $110,000 dollars acquiring this knowledge and I've spent over 200+ hours creating this course. The cost of my time and knowledge easily exceeds $170,000 dollars.

If the course accomplished just one of the things below:
  • Empowered to work with and influence IT so you got what you needed for your projects.
  • Gave you access to a network of BAS professionals so that you can get your IT questions answered.
  • Taught you the fundamentals of IT without you having to travel or spend years in class
Each one of those benefits would easily be worth the $3,000+ that traditional IT training costs. And the good news is that my program Information Technology for Building Automation Professionals will deliver all THREE of those benefits and more!
It is both practical and applicable and perfectly fits the knowledge/skill gap commonly seen in our industry. To quote my boss  "A great value" - (my boss is comparing to the cost of this course to the several  2 or 3 thousand courses he would have to send me to as well as time off  work, airfare and per diem.)
-Name Confidential
I'm adding $5,940 of bonuses to make this a no-brainer decision
For those who order today, I have four special bonuses.
#1 Wireshark Mini Course (Value $499)
Learn I will teach you how to use the number one network troubleshooting tool.
  • Step-by-step video guide on using Wireshark
  • Learn all of the features and analysis tools inside Wireshark
#2  Secure your BAS Mini Course (Value $499)
I will walk you through how to secure your BAS. 
  • Learn how to configure your Firewall and setup Windows Updates
  • Create user policies and password rules
#3 BAS for IT Video Overview (Value $299)
Learn how to explain BAS to IT folks with this detailed video.
  • A detailed video that explains building automation systems in terms that IT folks will understand.
#4 Four Group Coaching Calls ($2,400)
At least four group webinar calls to discuss any questions related to the course. 
  • Get any and all questions related to the course answered
  • Access the audio and video from the recordings 
It's time to decide
What lies before you is the best information technology training for Building Automation System Professionals on the market. This training will give you all of the tools to work with IT, solve IT problems, and future-proof your career.

But it's up to you. Only you can make the choice to invest in yourself. I can't make you click the button below. I've done my best to provide you the best training program on the market for the best value. I've shown you what will happen if you do not grow in your knowledge of IT.

It's up to you now to decide which path you follow.

The path most people take is to continue along, ignorant of the change that is happening around them until it's too late and they've been passed by.

The other path, the one less traveled, is to choose to invest in yourself and grow in your knowledge of IT.

Which one do you choose....
Invest in Yourself
Yes, Phil, I want to choose to invest in myself by purchasing your program to grow my knowledge of IT. I understand that when I reserve my spot today, I'm getting:
  • Access to all 13 Modules (over 60+ training videos) (Value $4,500)
  • Ability to access the course online and not travel or take time off work (Value $1,000)
  • The course workbook (Value $499)
  • BAS for IT Video Overview (Value $299 )
  • The two bonus mini courses (Value $994 )
  • Four Group Coaching Webinar Calls (Value $2,400 )
The Total ACTUAL Retail Value Of This Program Is $9,692

But your investment today is only $997
12 Payments of
Single Payment of
Pay in Full And Save $191
Choose your fate
One month from now you will look back, will you be among the professionals who have massively grown in their knowledge of IT, increased their effectiveness with IT, and future proofed their careers...


Will you be still struggling, trying to make progress against the headwind of IT that is only going stronger every passing day? I know which one I would choose...

I look forward to seeing you inside the course...
Frequently Asked Questions
Q  I'm not technical will this work for me?
Yes, this program is designed for all skill levels. The first 7 modules form the base level of understanding that all BAS professionals should have including salespersons and managers. If you decide to increase your knowledge further there are 6 advanced modules to enable you to take your knowledge to the next level.
Q  How much time will this take?
This course was designed to be completed over 30 days. Each day will take on average 15 minutes. However, I unlock the entire course immediately so you could conceivably consume the information faster. I recommend that you follow the e-mail sequence I send out that way you are on pace with the rest of the class. 
Q  What makes you qualified to teach this?
I have extensive real-world experience with both Building Automation Systems and Information Technology. I lead the integration program for one of the largest BAS manufacturers in the world.I have designed networks and application architectures for dozens of projects.

In addition to this I have two Master's Degrees (Information Systems and Cyber Security) and several IT certifications (CCNA, CCDA, CISSP, MCSD Web Apps, TOGAF Certified)
Q  How do I access the videos?
All of my videos are available on my course website which is supported by the best-in-class online training platform Kajabi. You will be able to watch the course videos online or download the course videos/audio to consume the content offline.
Q  How will I interact with you and other students
The course platform supports comments, which I encourage you to use for your questions.

In addition to this, there will be a Facebook group for interaction with your peers and sharing information. One of the things I can point most of my success to is developing a robust network of professionals who I can share ideas and questions with.
Q  What if I can't make the online group training calls
Prior to each call I will send out a form that you can complete in order to ask any questions you may have. I will answer submitted questions first and then will answer live questions with the time remaining.

These calls will be recorded so that you can watch them later.
Q  Do you provide group discounts
I do provide group discounts. The discount is based on the size of the group. Please e-mail me at Phil@philzito.com for further details. 
Q  When will the class start
The class is online and self-paced. As soon as you enroll you will have life long access to the course!
Q  Do I have to access the course at set times?
No, as soon as the course opens you will have full access to all of the modules. There will be a series of e-mails I send out with suggested timelines but if you want to consume the entire course over a couple of days you are more than welcome to do so.
Q  What if I have a question you haven't answered here
If you've followed me for any amount of time you'll know that I'm pretty transparent. If you have a question I haven't answered here please send me an e-mail at  Phil@philzito.com with your question, I'd love to answer it.
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