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About Me

Hi, my name is Phil Zito and this is my site. I look at this site as a living breathing expression of my passion for technology. Ever since an early age I have been enthralled with technology. I've been fortunate very early in my career to find my passion and as a result have moved very quickly into positions of increasing importance and complexity.

Career Summary

After years of working in the technology industry I have realized that most people know a lot about a little or a little about a lot. Pause for a second and really think through what I just said. How many times have you sat with a design consultant who repeatedly uses the same architecture or simply leave it up to you to tell them what system to use? Or even worse do they take the easy way out by simply specifying a framework or protocol and then leaving you to play the guessing game?

Here's the deal, most design consultants do an awesome job at designing cut and paste systems but when it comes to understanding integration and non-standard IT systems this is where knowing a lot about a little starts to be a real benefit. Most people at the end of the day simply go home and relax. My passion is technology, when I come home, I'm going home to technology. For instance, how many people do you know who are doing Two Master's Degrees, studying for complex IT certifications, and continuously getting excellent reviews and promotions because the quality of their work is really, really good. 

The fact of the matter is in today's world you need someone who can help you understand what systems you have and how they all can work together to reduce operating costs, increase efficiencies, and mitigate your risk. Because of my passion for technology I possess a unique blend of skills around Enterprise Architecture, Information Technology, and Multi-Vendor Integration. This enables me to understand a company's business drivers inorder to create and implement solutions specific to them.

My strengths include:

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