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Episode 2!!!!!!!

Well Episode 2 is here and man is it packed with information! I unpack some concepts from one of my latest articles The Building Automation Checklist.

In today’s episode I will cover:

  • A summary of key techniques to optimize your building automation system
  • Critical steps to take to avoid unforeseen costs with your BAS
  • An easy process for detailing out upgrades
  • and much more…

Thanks for Listening!

I’m glad to have you here and I look forward to your feedback in the comments below. If you have a specific question you can send me a voicemail or e-mail message at the Ask Phil Page.

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You’re Learning

  • The Importance of Naming Standards
  • Two quick methods to define graphics standards
  • How to avoid hunting through smelly closets for BAS documentation
  • How to avoid costly overrides
  • The importance of Pre-loading your controllers
  • My proven process for planning upgrades