The BAS industry is changing Today’s technicians need to understand networking, databases, remote access, cloud computing, and cybersecurity (just to name a few topics). With IT requiring such a diverse set of skills you as a manager are left with the choice of hiring an IT person and hoping that they both have the IT skills, you need as well as the ability to learn BAS…

Or, taking your existing technicians out of the field and hoping that you can find a course to send them to that may teach them at least a bit about just one of the IT areas I just described…

Neither of the strategies are ideal and both of them require a significant investment in time, that you simply don’t have. You need your technicians to learn exactly what they need to know so that they can hit the ground running. If this sounds familiar then IT for BAS Pros is for you!


The reason most building automation projects fail is that they are improperly designed. Let me ask you if this sounds familiar. 

You work long and hard on a BAS design submittal just to get it rejected again and again. This is taking so long that you can’t even start work on your project.

When you finally do get your design submittal approved, it’s in such disarray that your installers can’t make sense of it.

This leads to frustration, delayed projects, cost overruns, and a damaged reputation. If this sounds familiar, Design for BAS Pros can help!


The world of building automation can be a scary place. There’s so much to know and very few people have experienced all the complexities of building automation.

Trying to navigate this often confusing world is made even hard due to the lack of quality training. 

The end result of this is that you go through your career never fully understanding building automation. 

What if there was a program that could show you the way. That could light up all the dark scary corners and help you to see your way down the path that is your career.

Building Automation Systems A to Z is that way. Learn more by clicking below.