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At Building Automation Monthly we provide online building automation training that increases ability of your building automation employees to execute their jobs as profitably as possible. 

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Check out our online courses by clicking on the course images below. These courses provide the skills that your employees need to execute their building automation work as profitably as possible.

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BAM 140: BAM’s First Year Recap

Building Automation Monthly just celebrated its first year in business. In this episode, I look back at the lessons I've learned in building the world's first ever online Building Automation training company. I discuss what went well, what could go better, and tips...

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BAM 139: 3 Steps for Designing an IP Network

How do you design IP networks? What questions should you ask? In this episode, we look at the three-step process for designing IP networks. Along the way, we will point out common mistakes and we will discuss why it is so important for BAS professionals to learn about...

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BAM 138: How Building Automation Controls Work

Have you ever wondered how building automation systems work? What does each piece of the building automation system do and why does each piece matter? In this episode of the Building Automation Monthly Podcast we will discuss how building automation controls work and...

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BAM 137: 3 Sales Strategies to Create Renewable Revenue

How do you continue to grow your building automation business after the building is built? In this episode, we discuss three sales strategies to help you provide value to your customers and grow your building automation business at the same time. [smart_track_player...

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