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At Building Automation Monthly we provide online building automation training that increases ability of your building automation employees to execute their jobs as profitably as possible. 

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Check out our online courses by clicking on the course images below. These courses provide the skills that your employees need to execute their building automation work as profitably as possible.

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BAM 136: 5 Steps to Organize Your BAS Team for Success

How do you organize your building automation business for success? The reality is many building automation businesses fail not because they can't find work but because they are not organized to successfully execute that work. In this episode, we discuss the 5 steps to...

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BAM 135: The 6 Ah Ha’s of Subnets

Subnets, IP addressing, default gateways. All of these things can seem overwhelming at first glance. And the bad news is all of this "IT" stuff isn't slowing down. But you can wrap your mind around IT and it starts with this episode. In this episode, we are going to...

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BAM 134: The 4 Gothca’s of Power

Have you ever wired up your controls but nothing worked? Power can keep the most creative design from actually working. In this episode, we tackle the 4 gotchas of power that could keep your projects from being completed. [smart_track_player...

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BAM 133: 5 Steps for Effective BAS Takeoffs

How do you perform a takeoff? How do you ensure that you have the most competitive proposal when bid day comes? In this episode, we tackle the topic of takeoffs. You will learn 5 steps for quickly creating competitive proposals. [smart_track_player...

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