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At Building Automation Monthly we provide online building automation training that increases ability of your building automation employees to execute their jobs as profitably as possible. 

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BAM 144: The Basics of API’s

What are API's? How do API's work? And what do building automation professionals need to know about API's? In this episode, we discuss what API's are, how to use API's, and how to avoid the common issues with API's. [smart_track_player...

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BAM 143: The 5 Gotchas of Smart Equipment

Why do so many "smart equipment" integrations go wrong? Why does it seem that integration always ends up with the mechanical contractor and the controls contractor yelling at each other? How can you make sure that your smart equipment integrations are seamless and...

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BAM 142: Selling the Value of a BAS

How do you sell the value of a building automation system when it seems like all BAS are the same? In this episode, we discuss how to differentiate yourself from your competition. You will leave with a clear strategy on how to position yourself to best deliver value...

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BAM 141: Analytics and Your BAS

Analytics have come a long way since they were initially introduced to the building automation market. In this episode, we discuss what analytics are and how you can use them to provide a service to your building automation customers. [smart_track_player...

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