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BAM 182: Cyber Security for BAS Professionals

Is your customer's building automation system secure? How can you make sure your BAS projects are cyber secure? How do you know where to start? In this week's episode, we discuss what cybersecurity is and what you need to know in order to securely execute BAS work....

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BAM 181: A Deep Dive into Virtual Servers

What if you could make it so that your building automation server never failed? What if every time your BAS server got slow it automatically sped up? Is this even possible? In this episode, we discuss how to utilize virtualization to ensure that our BAS servers stay...

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BAM 180: How to Forecast BAS Workloads

How do you plan your BAS workloads? How do you determine when you have enough staff? How can you make sure that you are maximizing the profitability of your BAS projects? In this episode, we answer a listener question on how to properly estimate their workloads and...

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