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BAM 119: IT Networking for BAS Pros – Part 1

What’s the difference between an application port and a switchport? How do you avoid bandwidth constraints and dropped BAS packets? If you are planning on having a career in building automation, these are just a few of the challenges you will face. IT networking is...

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BAM 118: How BACnet integrations really work part 3

How would you setup 1,000 BACnet/IP devices? Would you know what to ask IT? Would you know how to troubleshoot these devices if something went wrong? How would you support all these devices? The amount of BACnet/IP devices being installed is increasingly daily....

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BAM 117: How BACnet integrations really work part 2

Have you ever wired up a BACnet MS/TP trunk and it just wouldn’t work?Or for whatever reason the MS/TP trunk was crazy slow, and the customer was getting upset by slow point data? If this sounds familiar you’re not alone. Early in my career BACnet MS/TP was super...

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BAM 116: How BACnet integrations really work part 1

BACnet is a protocol that confuses many new BAS professionals. Heck, if we’re honest with one another it confuses many senior BAS professionals as well. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve helped several manufacturers build their BACnet stacks and worked...

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