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Who would have thought back in May 2016 that the BAM Podcast would hit Episode 100. Over the past two years, I’ve created over 100 podcast episodes. When I thought about what I wanted to do for the 100th episode I realized that I have a lot of new listeners who may have missed out on some of the most popular past episodes. That’s why in this episode I will be taking a look back at the most popular episodes!

I also will be talking about several of the amazing things that I’ve got coming in 2018. Buckle up as we travel back in time and look at the best BAM episodes to date!


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A look back at the best of the BAM Podcast

In this episode, I take you through the best episodes from the past 100 episodes of BAM.

Here’s are the topics I cover in this episode:

  • What is BAM and the BAM Podcast? And what changes are coming in 2018? (0:50)
  • BAM 039: A deep dive into upgrading a building automation system (5:50)
  • BAM 047: What is IT and a look at IT networking (7:40)
  • BAM 04: Everything You Need to Know About IP Addresses (8:52)
  • BAM Episode 017: The How, What and Why of PID Loops (10:30)
  • BAM 052: A deep-dive into BACnet (12:15)
  • BAM 079: The How to Guide to BAS Careers (14:15)
  • The first ever online BAS conference? (17:30)
  • BAM’s upcoming course roadmap (18:40)
  • Partnering with large BAS manufacturers to resell BAM courses (19:20)
  • Yes, I said in-person training is coming! (20:00)

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