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What is a building automation system?

As I’m writing this I’m sitting on a plane above the UK flying back to Chicago. I am coming back from a conference where I spoke on the need of BAS professionals to learn IT fundamentals. Honestly, I should have given a speech on building automation 101. Despite me being a professional BAS trainer I am still consistently amazed at how “so-called professionals” do not understand the basics of a building automation system.

But, let’s have our secret little conversation just you and me.

If we’re honest to one another, is it really the fault of these professionals that they don’t understand the fundamentals of BAS? After all, if I asked you three places (excluding my blog, podcast, and book) that you could learn the fundamentals of BAS from, where would you go?

The lack of training resources should be shocking to our industry. After all, you can’t attend a single conference without hearing about the skill-gap. Yet, the industry largely regards training as an afterthought.

However, you, my friend, are in luck! I recently gave a talk at the AHR Expo on Building Automation 101, and in this talk, I provided over 225 people with the foundations of building automation. It is this exact topic that I will be covering in this week’s podcast episode.

Specifically, you will learn:

► What a BAS is and what it is not
► The three kinds of control systems that a BAS automates
► How a BAS is structured and what each part does
► When each part of a BAS should be used
► And much, much, much more!

Click here to download or listen to this episode now.

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There are no show notes for this weeks episode.

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