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Every day millions of buildings are operated. But not via a BAS.

No, these buildings are operated manually via timeclocks, hand/off/autos, and 2×4’s.

The reality is we have failed these buildings. We have failed to adequately educate and inspire these buildings operators and owners to invest in a BAS.

That stops today!

In this episode I layout 6 reasons why a BAS is needed. I am arming you with 6 compelling reasons why your customers, managers, or maybe even you yourself need to invest in a BAS.

Specifically, you will learn:

► You can’t run a building without a BAS
You are shortening the life of your equipment without a BAS
► You are paying more to condition your spaces without a BAS
► You can’t provide your tenants control without a BAS
► You need more manpower without a BAS
► You will have trouble getting people to come to a building without a BAS

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Show notes will be posted on 2-23

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