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If you needed to tie to different building automation systems into a new front-end how would you do it?

Now don’t just give me the answer of I would use BACnet.

  • How would you quote the job?
  • How would you scope the project?
  • How would you actually do it?
  • What system would take charge?
  • Would you remove the other BAS’s servers?
  • Would you write to each systems points at different priorities?
  • What even is systems integration?

That is what my new series What is systems integration will  address. In this episode, we unpack what the three most common types of integration are and the gotchas you need to be aware of.

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Systems Integration, what is it?

Here’s are the topics I cover in this episode:

  • Why it is important to understand systems integration (2:20)
  • The three different types of systems integration (5:50)
  • How physical integrations work and why you need to be using them (6:30)
  • The three gotchas of protocol integration that you need to avoid (11:30)
  • What the real definition of a BAS is (13:10)
  • The not so surprising reason why you need to understand protocols (15:00)
  • How your integration location dictates the method (16:40)
  • Why you need to figure out what system is in charge when dealing with protocols  (17:15)
  • How intent matters in integration design (19:35)
  • What to do when you need to work with API’s (28:40)

Resources mentioned in this episode