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Why do systems integration projects fail?

Often it’s not because of the technical knowledge of the BAS provider. Actually, something much more insidious is going on.

The reality is MOST integrations work perfectly. At least from a technical perspective. Let’s be real, mapping in some points via BACnet (the most common form of BAS systems integration) really isn’t that hard.

Systems integration projects fail because the companies and customers who are involved in the projects fail to adequately answer five questions that determine whether an integration is a success or failure.

So what are these five questions?

I tell you in this week’s podcast episode.

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Systems Integration, the questions for success

Here’s are the topics I cover in this episode:

  • Why you need to understand what you are doing this all for (1:15)
  • How the outcome and the why are not the same thing (7:00)
  • The simple way to make sure your customer is happy with the integration, every time (10:10)
  • What to do to keep your integration from failing the moment you leave the job site (16:15)
  • The secret force multiplier that grows new work with your existing customers (21:50)

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