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If someone handed you a BAS project that involved integration what would you do?

What would be the first step you would take? Why would you take that step?

How would you “do” integration?

If your inability to answer these questions bother you (and it should because integrated buildings are becoming more and more common) then this episode is for you. In this episode I will walk you through three of the most common integrations you will encounter. We are going to journey step-by-step through each integration.

Let’s dive in.

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Step-by-step through systems integration

Here’s are the topics I cover in this episode:

  • Four steps you must take as you move along the integration implementation path (2:55)
  • Let’s give physical… well at least with our first integration (5:00)
  • The most complex integration is in the middle of the road (11:50)
  • Why programmatic integrations are the future of BAS integrations(23:20)

Resources mentioned in this episode