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How do you create programs for building automation systems?

What even is a BAS program?

Creating a BAS program is much more complex than just plopping some logic blocks on a wiresheet and calling it a day. In this episode of the building automation monthly podcast we discuss the topic of BAS programming. We will cover:

  • The why question all good programmers must ask themselves
  • What programming is and what it isn’t
  • How programming software works
  • The 5 step-programming process

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Exploring the programming process

  • Understanding the why behind your programming actions (1:15)
  • Why your mentality determines if you can program (5:00)
  • The traditional way of learning to program (5:30)
  • The questions you need to ask yourself before programming (6:55)
  • Is your program user dependent or user independent (9:55)
  • What is programming? (12:07)
  • How DDC controllers enabled us to write programs (13:00)
  • Do you really understand inputs and outputs (15:50)
  • How your choice of variable type will determine the safety of your programs (22:05)
  • The two ways of programming BAS (25:00)
  • Five steps to programming success (27:52)
  • The reason you must write your boolean logic before your analog logic (30:40)
  • Why following the sequence line for line is a recipe for disaster (33:55)

Resources mentioned in this episode