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Learning logic blocks? How do you do it? Why should you do it? And why should you even care?

Good questions!

If you want to be more than just someone installing thermostats and pulling wire then you need to learn how to program. And what do 90% of the BAS manufacturers have in common? They use graphical programming.

In this episode we will discuss:

  • Common Logic blocks
  • How to interpret sequences to code
  • Code layout and design strategies
  • The secret to fast coding

Buckle up this will be one intense episode!

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Writing code using logic blocks

  • How abstraction created block programming and changed the BAS world (1:50)
  • The four types of graphical logic blocks want to focus on (2:50)
  • The truth about boolean blocks (4:00)
  • Avoiding the omnibus program of craziness (6:32)
  • The two places you need to be careful when doing math (8:00)
  • How to protect your code from the janitor operator (9:20)
  • Why do new programmers struggle with sequencers (10:50)
  • What PID loops are (12:50)
  • The art of interpreting sequences into code (19:00)
  • Two ways to organize your sequences and code (21:20)
  • Organization strategies for coding (25:05)
  • How to tap into the speed force of programming (26:12)

Resources mentioned in this episode