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Have you considered upgrading a building automation system but aren’t sure where to start?

Do you struggle to explain why the “new” features of your building automation system are worth the cost to your customers?

Are you trying to better understand how an upgrade could positively impact your business?

If so this episode is for you. In this weeks episode of the Building Automation Monthly Podcast, we discuss the ins and outs of upgrading a BAS!

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In’s and Out’s of Upgrades

  • The three reasons behind BAS upgrades (2:20)
  • How IT security is becoming more important in the BAS decision process (6:02)
  • Why your OS is holding back your BAS (7:32)
  • What firmware is and how it impacts a BAS (9:08)
  • The hidden danger of firmware upgrades (11:45)
  • The best answer on why IP controllers should be used (14:00)
  • How controllers do not get better with age (15:55)
  • The importance of focusing on your vertical market (16:40)
  • Why you must consider the end user when looking at an upgrade (20:35)

Resources mentioned in this episode