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Do you feel like you’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a building automation system and only use 10% of its capabilities?

If so you’re not alone. In this four-part series we will be discussing how to design, setup, configure, and optimize your building automation system, even if you are a completely non-technical person!

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How to analyze your existing BAS use

  • How do I optimally utilize my BAS? (1:15)
  • Why proper intake is the secret to effectively using your BAS (3:27)
  • The four-step process to optimally using a BAS (4:03)
  • How BAS systems are designed right now (4:58)
  • Why you must know the main purpose of the BAS (5:45)
  • The power of the RFI, RFQ, RFP Process (6:42)
  • The importance of proper consulting (11:55)
  • How a health check will keep your BAS system running well (13:05)
  • What is your current triage process, and why you must know (16:42)

Resources mentioned in this episode