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We reached out to over a dozen facility owners of small and large facilities. The reason for doing this was to understand how they use their BAS and more importantly why they don’t use it.

After doing this we found two interesting results. And in this episode of the Building Automation Monthly podcast we will talk through those results and how to integrate a building automation system into a facility process.

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Creating your triage process

  • The biggest barriers that keep facilities owners from understanding BAS (1:51)
  • The hidden danger of learning through “tribal knowledge” (4:07)
  • Three common facility triage processes (5:14)
  • How to tie a BAS into the facility process (8:02)
  • What is the main goal of a facility? (10:02)
  • How to collect data on what is happening in a facility (11:05)
  • The importance of selecting your data source (12:02)
  • Four key questions your data should answer (14:49)
  • Three methods for gathering data for your triage process (18:22)
  • Why you must get to the core issue as fast as possible (22:08)
  • Use the right tool to identify the right issue (25:42)
  • Key questions you must be able to answer in order to optimize a facility team (29:21)

Resources mentioned in this episode