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Can you use a building automation system to optimize the performance of your facility?

And if so, what does optimization even mean?

In this episode of the Building Automation Monthly Podcast we discuss what optimization is and the role your building automation system may, or may not, play in it.

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Optimizing your BAS

  • What is optimization? (3:38)
  • The four benefits of optimization according to facility leaders (5:42)
  • How the four benefits of optimization build upon one another (6:45)
  • Why 72% of facility leaders feel optimization can work, but not for them (9:02)
  • Overcoming the four barriers to optimization (11:02)
  • How to collect data on what is happening in a facility (11:05)
  • The importance of selecting your data source (12:02)
  • Four categories of tools for BAS optimization (15:35)
  • How do we utilize the four tools to optimize a building? (18:46)
  • Why you must maximize your BAS functionality prior to using analytics (22:40)

Resources mentioned in this episode