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Have you ever been told you just need to do your time? Rome wasn’t built overnight after all, right?

Well, that kind of thinking is dumb. In this episode, we explore how the current way of learning building automation is to slow and what you can do instead.

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How to Learn BAS Fast

  • Why you are capable of much more in your career than you know (1:38)
  • The two ways of solving the skillset gap (4:37)
  • How the industry currently develops skilled labor (6:25)
  • What tasks should a first-year tech really be able to do? (11:45)
  • Overcoming the four barriers to optimization (11:02)
  • Three alternatives to traditional learning (16:10)
  • How to avoid the dreaded pay cut when moving into a BAS job (21:17)
  • Why we need to change how we approach learning  (28:25)

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