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How do you interview a building automation candidate? Do you simply stick them in a room and hope you make the right choice?

What if there was a way that you could verify that the person you are hiring actually has the skills they say they have on paper?

In this episode, we lay out the 5 keys to successfully interviewing a BAS Candidate.

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5 Keys to Interviewing a BAS Candidate

  • The importance of deciding on the key task you are hiring for (3:40)
  • What are the supporting skills for your key tasks? (6:47)
  • Three examples of key task and supporting skill alignment (7:27)
  • Why you must develop exercises to test for your key tasks (12:10)
  • Using homework to find out if your new hire is internally motivated (10:27)
  • How the ability to research will make or break a BAS professional  (17:10)
  • The power of consistency to develop a candidate profile (19:05)

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