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Subnets, IP addressing, default gateways. All of these things can seem overwhelming at first glance. And the bad news is all of this “IT” stuff isn’t slowing down. But you can wrap your mind around IT and it starts with this episode.

In this episode, we are going to focus on the 6 Ah Ha’s moments I experienced when learning subnets and how you can use them to learn subnets as well.

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6 Ah Ha’s On Subnets

  • Subnet’s are part of a bigger network (3:32)
  • Why networks are isolated (5:03)
  • Why is it important to keep your network traffic manageable? (6:42)
  • How IP controls are making network design very important (8:11)
  • Subnets are just pieces of a larger network (9:10)
  • The critical parts and pieces of a network (10:41)
  • Why subnets are not isolated to just one LAN and what that means to your design (13:47)

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