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How do you organize your building automation business for success?

The reality is many building automation businesses fail not because they can’t find work but because they are not organized to successfully execute that work.

In this episode, we discuss the 5 steps to effectively organize your building automation business for growth and profitability.

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5 steps for organizing your building automation business

  • How do you define the success of your building automation business (0:53)
  • The importance of measuring relational metrics (2:45)
  • Why the right baseline will determine your level of success (4:42)
  • Using the global economy to help your control company scale (10:11)
  • Establishing role clarity for your team¬† (12:22)
  • How the kind of business you do, determines your organizational structure (18:04)
  • 5 decisions you must make to scale your controls business (20:42)

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