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One of the biggest struggles that any person faces is what career path to go down. This is even more true in building automation. You see, building automation doesn’t naturally lend itself to a “path”. I’ve met technicians who are easily making “6 figures” and I’ve met senior integrators who are scraping by with “50k a year”. But beyond the money, there is the enjoyment factor as well. How many of you truly love your job? Have you ever stopped to think about what really motivates you?

In this episode I take you through the exact same three-step process I used to discover what I was truly passionate about. This process has helped me to see immense growth in my career and I’ve used it to help other’s grow as well.

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How to determine your ideal role

If you’re looking to grow in your BAS career then you need a path. But let’s face it, between the long days and constant running around when is the last time you had a chance to reflect on your career goals? And if we’re really being honest, do you even know how to figure out what your career goals are? If that sounds familiar then this episode is for you!

  • What are the two things that will create success in your career? (7:23)
  • The notebook plan – How to determine what you want to do with your career (8:41)
  • The bucket is half full – Using buckets to find out what you love and what you hate (11:35)
  • Is your life aligned? – How to align what you love to do with a role (12:52)
  • Are you turned on? – Three benefits to doing what you really love (17:13)
  • You need to do this first – How a single lie is holding you back from success (19:00)
  • Could it be possible? – How do you break into the role you love? (20:30)
  • People want to help you! – The three reasons you must reach out to people doing the job you want (22:15)
  • Just ask – How to leverage your relationships to get the role you desire (23:25)
  • The HR Bypass – Why job shadowing is the quickest way to avoid the HR screen (26:00)

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

The Path of a BAS Pro

After listening to this episode you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Maybe your thinking something like this? “Ok, Phil, I feel ready to do something but what step should I take?” If that sounds familiar then your not alone. Knowing what path to follow is tough. That’s why I’ve created a special video that dives through the path of a BAS professional. If you’re a BAS professional, or you’re responsible for BAS professionals then you will want to watch this short video!