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Preventative maintenance is the core of good facility management.

Most facility professionals and service technicians can easily name off half a dozen HVAC maintenance tasks. But when you ask them to name off tasks related to BAS…

Well, I hope you like the sound of crickets because in most cases that’s all you’ll hear.

But contrary to popular belief there are dozens of preventative¬†maintenance (PM) tasks for a BAS. In this episode we continue to explore the topic of preventative maintenance for Building Automation Systems (BAS). If you’ve been looking to take the performance of your BAS to the next level or if you simply want to add a couple more years to your BAS life then this episode is for you!

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Preventive Maintenance and a BAS?

In episode 92, we started down the path of learning how to perform preventative maintenance on a BAS. In this episode, we will continue to explore that topic.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Set it and remember it – Why you absolutely need to check on your setpoints (3:05)
  • We have a heartbeat… – How trend log reviews are the window to the vital signs of your BAS (5:15)
  • Time for your checkup – What you need to check to make sure your network is healthy and secure (8:23)
  • Is it really there?- How to find unbound references and ghost points (13:35)
  • Back again with BACnet – Why you need to check for duplicate network and device ID’s¬†(15:30)
  • Fast, clean, and mean- How to optimize your BAS network for performance (19:32)
  • Does it run? – The power of using sequence verification to ensure your control system works (23:50)
  • Can you see it?- How enhancing graphics will have a massive effect on the performance of a BAS (26:25)

Resources Mentioned in this Episode