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Can you learn new things from an old building? In episode 98 of the Building Automation Monthly Podcast, Andy Marsh (Build Pulse) and Phil Zito (Building Automation Monthly) discuss how to use analytics in “aged” buildings.

If you’ve ever thought, “Man I’d love to take advantage of analytics and technology to improve my building, but I can’t because it’s too old” then this episode is for you! In this episode we unpack:

► How using analytics is no longer limited to brand new buildings or cash-rich businesses
► The most common efficiency issues in a building and what you can do about them
► Why calculating the ROI on optimizing your BAS isn’t as hard as you think
► How to manage the change that comes with adopting new building automation technology
► What the cloud and cybersecurity have in common (it’s not what you think…)

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 Are analytics for real? And can you even use them? Let’s find out!

In this episode, I talk with Andy Marsh from Build Pulse where we take a deep dive into the topic of analytics.

Here’s are the questions Andy and I discussed in this episode:

  • What is the most common limiting belief that is holding back both facility owners, facility operators, and system integrators? (2:12)
  • How has the amount of effort required to set up analytics in an existing building changed in the past few years? (4:37)
  • What are machine learning and pattern recognition and what do they have to do with analytics? (7:27)
  • What to do if your BAS is not able to serve up data fast enough for your analytics solution? (10:52)
  • What are the biggest barriers to adoption of an analytics system within an organization? (13:00)
  • What are the three most common efficiency issues that almost any BAS operator can address right now? (15:10)
  • Why are folks not recognizing common issues in their BAS? (18:10)
  • Are you seeing an increase of non-managerial staff caring about the financial impact of their systems operation? (20:55)
  • Are you seeing any system integrators that are using analytics to uncover retrofit opportunities? (23:52)
  • What kind of efficiency issues are not going to be found using only trends (26:35)
  • How are folks defining return on investment? (29:40)
  • What can you do to address the fear of analytics creating more work or taking someone’s job? (32:23)
  • Can you explain the compounding effects of a main system failure on downstream HVAC systems? (35:10)
  • What are the other efficiency issues facility operators and managers encountering? (37:40)
  • What are you seeing around the adoption of work order management? (39:36)
  • How are folks piecing together different software solutions to solve business problems? (42:08)
  • What is the cloud and how do you handle concerns about the security of the cloud? (46:17)
  • When do you think two-way control will be accepted by building operators and owners? (50:11)
  • What can folks do to convince themselves or their management that analytics are viable? (52:35)

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