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A Manager's Guide to Building Automation

  • Does learning about Building Automation Systems seem overwhelming?
  • Do you struggle with not having a single source place to learn about Building Automation Systems?
  • Has your experience level with Building Automation Systems impacted your ability to perform your job?
  • Would you like a detailed guide that can take you through the process of learning core Building Automation System concepts?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then let me tell you, you’re not alone!

Within my first 3 weeks of being in the Building Automation World I was being told to program a central plant. I didn’t know what a central plant was, the only thing I could think of was a physical plant that grows in a pot.

Fast forward a decade, and I have now worked on almost every building automation system on the market, have held roles in building services, project management, system engineering, and program management. I am also known as being one of the most knowledgeable system integrators in the building automation space.

  • How did I get to this point?
  • How did I go from knowing next to nothing about Building Automation Systems to leading the design of complex systems for some of the most prestigious companies in North America?
  • How did I go from having no knowledge whatsoever of BAS systems to being published in the ASHRAE journal?

This is your opportunity to get involved in the book as it is written. I am selling early access to the book for $29.99. Early buyers will get:

  • Early Release Version of each Chapter as they become available
  • The Final Version of each Chapter as it becomes available
  • A private Facebook group to provide feedback to guide the direction of the book
  • A livestreamed Question and Answer session each time I release the final version of a chapter
  • Your name in the acknowledgments section of my book
  • The final copy of the book

The information I provide in this book would take you years to accumulate and isn’t taught anywhere else in such a concise format. People pay thousands of dollars to attend conferences where they learn a portion of what is covered in this book! I have a special presale offer for Building Automation Monthly subscribers only. I am offering you a chance to purchase the e-book before it is released at 70% off the retail value. This is a $70 dollars savings!

You are doing amazing work. I am following along and understand BAS in a way I never could have without your clear and simple writing. In all fairness, I owe YOU for breaking a difficult and technical subject down. Excited about the book and what comes out of it!


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Days until the pre-sale expires

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This presale is only valid until August 1st 10PM CDT at which time the book will not be available until it is released at full price.

So What’s The Book About?

Watch The Video Below To Find Out.

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

In this book you will learn these 11 things and more!

  • The history behind building automation systems is, what a building automation system is, and the standard architecture and parts of BAS's
  • A detailed summary of the typical systems you will find within your building that may interface with your BAS
  • How an IT organization is structured and the fundamentals of IT
  • How to manage external vendors and internal customers
  • My framework for creating an effective maintenance program
  • How construction projects work and the delivery models they use
  • A deep dive into how systems are bought and how to work with procurement to select your systems
  • A detailed methodology for evaluating when and how to upgrade your BAS
  • What analytics are and a look at the current marketplace
  • IoT, is it real and what does it mean to you
  • What system integration is and how to manage it

About The Author

Hi my name is Phil Zito and I am the owner of Building Automation Monthly Blog and the owner of the Building Automation Monthly Podcast! I have been in the building automation space for over a decade and have worked on almost every BAS on the market. I have experience as a service technican, operations manager, sales development engineer, and integration program manager!

I am a Certified Energy Manager, LEED Associate Professional, Cisco Design and Network Associate, Certified Information Systems Security Professional, and TOGAF Enterprise Architect! I have vast set of knowledge and experience with technology.

I am passionate about building automation and technology. Outside of work I spend my time split between my 3 young kids and wife, teaching myself programming, and running Building Automation Monthly.

Days until the pre-sale expires

Click Here To Purchase

This presale is only valid until August 1st 10PM CDT at which time the book will not be available until it is released at full price.