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I’ve produced a lot of content over the past several years. Depending on when you found my site you may have missed some of these articles. That is why I created this page.

On this page, you will find some of the most popular posts here at BAM.

Top BAS Design Posts

Do you want to know how to design BAS?

Are you responsible for selling, designing, or evaluating BAS?

Then this is your section.

In this section, you will learn about evaluating, optimizing, and integrating BAS.

  1. The Building Automation Optimization Checklist
  2. How to Evaluate Building Automation Systems Even if you’ve Never Seen a BAS
  3. System Integration 101

Top Information Technology Posts

Information technology is critical. BAS systems are becoming increasingly dependent on IT systems. But many BAS professionals don’t understand IT.

In these articles, I will teach you the fundamentals of IT.

  1. What is a Network?
  2. All About IP Addresses
  3. Network Fundamentals

Top Building Automation Posts

In these posts, I discuss some of the hottest topics in the BAS world.

  1. What is Tridium Part 1
  2. What is Tridium Part 2
  3. Why the BAS of the Future Will Not Have Controllers

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