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Length ~ 22 hours

How are systems controlled? 

How should specific HVAC systems react when another HVAC system changes state?

How do you make sense out of control sequences so that you can design, sell, install, service, and operate your Building Automation System?

Understanding control sequences IS the difference between those who succeed in BAS and those who don't. Control Sequence Fundamentals WILL teach you how to understand control sequences. But even more, Control Sequences Fundamentals teaches you the lost art of systems based thinking and will EMPOWER you to truly UNDERSTAND how and why systems operate.

If you are struggling with the following problems then Control Sequence Fundamentals is for you:

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    Being unable to revenue the work you already have because your sales people and technicians do not understand how the systems should work
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    Struggling with unsteady revenue because your service team cannot grow due to their lack of understanding of Control Sequences
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    Doubt around if you are properly designing HVAC systems in a way that can actually allow them to be controlled
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    Fear that your building is one step away from failure because you are not sure of how your systems should operate
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    The in ability to get a job or promotion in the BAS world because you don't "understand how controls work"

You don't have to deal with these problems any longer!

Control Sequence Fundamentals WILL teach you EXACTLY what you need to know to SUCCEED in the world of Building Automation. 

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