Learn The One Skill That Can Earn You A $100,000 Salary For The Rest Of Your Life

On this page, you will learn:

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    How to program a building automation system, even if you've tried programming before and failed
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    Why learning how to program building automation systems is the best choice you can make for your career
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    How to think like a BAS programmer and solve the most complex HVAC programming problems 

"This programming stuff just doesn't make sense!"

Have you ever found yourself saying that?

I have.

Early on in my BAS career this "programming" stuff was like voodoo magic. Despite my best efforts I couldn't get my programs to work. I kept trying and failing, again and again. But through this process I learned a secret to programming that when learned sweeps away the clouds of confusion once and for all. A little bit later I will tell you what this secret is but first.

Why is learning how to program building automation systems the best choice you can make for your career?

It is all about leverage. 

You can only install so many thermostats in a day. But with programming (and the secret method I will show you later) you can literally 10x your productivity.

And that matters, because make no mistake about it productivity is how you are measured. If you want to:

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    Secure a lead spot in your company, and earn the salary that lead spot demands
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    Possess a skill set that virtually ensures you will never be jobless

Then you need to learn programming.

But how?

I Was Making Mistakes Until...

Earlier on I told you how I was struggling to learn programming. No matter what I did things just didn't seem to click. It wasn't until I went to school for one of my two Master's Degrees in IT that I saw there was another way. 

You see, in the IT world the programmer doesn't write programs from scratch. 

No the programmer uses something very powerful, something that ensures that he or she can easily create programs without writing them from scratch.

Now before I get to far. I want to make it clear that this secret is not just copying existing code and modifying it. That is one of the worst things you can do as a new programmer. No this secret is much simpler than that.

The Powerful Secret That Will Change Your World

Design Patterns.

Design Patterns are the most powerful technique you as a programmer can use in order to write quality code, quickly. So how do they work?

Design Patterns work on the principle that there are only a few ways  (and in most cases only one way) to code the same HVAC sequence. For example, look at the design pattern below for controlling a supply fan and supply fan variable frequency drive.

Imagine trying to write that code from scratch?

But that's what so many programmers do every single day. They read the sequence and write code from scratch or worse. They try to force fit some code from another job into their current project (this is worse then coding from scratch and leads to a lot of failures).

Why Isn't This Well Known?

The reality is manufacturer training exists to teach you how to use their software not how to code. If you are going to manufacturer training expecting to become a BAS programmer you are going to be very disappointed. 

And the trade schools aren't much better. The good majority of them are still using hardware from the 1990's to teach you BAS and some still teach pneumatics as the "BAS Programming" method of choice!

The reality is design patterns work, the entire IT industry has embraced them. So why hasn't the BAS industy caught on? 

The reason is that as an industry we are still stuck in our ways.

The Old Way Of Learning Programming

The average BAS professionals journey is something like this. 

As a mechanic, college student, or former professional you fall into a job in BAS. After a few months your boss seeing potential in you sends you to manufacturer training. There a "trainer" who has be teaching the same approach for the past 30 years guides you through a 5 day course with a carefully manicured course workbook.

This course workbook is designed to give you just enough functional knowledge of the manufacturers software so that you can use the software.

From here you are sent back out into the field and you struggle. The programs you need to write don't match up with your workbook. So you reach out to a senior tech for help. And help they do, they send you code from a previous job that you need to interpret. You try to alter the code but it just doesn't work. 

After a week of struggling the senior tech comes out to your project and literally writes the code for you but since he or she is in a rush you never get "taught" what was changed. This continues on for years until programming magically "clicks" or you quit. 

That is the reality of programming in the BAS world today.

My Journey Towards BAS Programming

I've been in your shoes. I went to four weeks of "training" early on in my career and came out doing the same thing you are probably doing right now. I tried to copy code, I tried to learn by reading other people's code, I tried to write code from scratch. 

But I was missing the underlying why of programming.

Why do I use an XOR block? 

Should I use a sequencer or a PID loop with hysteresis for staging? 

What order do I write my code in and does it even matter?

You see no manufacturer training answered these questions. These were questions and processes that were learned with blood, sweat, and tears and a A LOT of self-study after work.

There's Finally A Way To Learn Programming Fast

You, my friend, are not in that position... You have arrived here at the perfect time. A time when all of the knowledge you need to know has been captured. Now you just need a way to get access to this information and  someone who has been in your shoes to guide you.

Someone who has made the journey...

So that you can take the hidden shortcuts that you didn't know exist.

But how would you know if you found this mythical programming course?

Here are a few of the signs to look for:

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    The training program needs to teach you a method to programming that is repeatable and easy to learn
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    The training must be able to be accessed without physically attending a class and must be consumable while you are on the go (you know how much time us BAS folks spend in the car)
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    The training must have short, easy to understand videos that assume no prior knowledge
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    There must be a way to collaborate with other BAS Professionals in order to grow in your knowledge once the course is over

That's Why I Created BAS Programming Fundamentals

I know for a fact that the need for BAS programming knowledge is only increasing. 

And it will continue to increase. Programming is the most valuable skill you can learn as a BAS Professional. Programming has more effect on the success of your career than any other skill you can develop.

But there is a huge gap in our industry a gap filled with technicians and engineers who do not know how to program.

 I created BAS Programming Fundamentals to close that gap. BAS Programming Fundamentals is the culmination of years of field experience programming  some of the most complex BAS control sequences in existence.

This is the ultimate BAS Programming course.

But what is the program...

Here's What You're Getting With The BAS Programming Fundamentals Training Program


  • MODULE 1
  • MODULE 2
  • MODULE 3

Module 1: Introduction to Programming

Duration:  36m

Learn what programming is, how it works, and how programs are structured.

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    Avoid chaos learn the programming process and organize your programs (Lesson 2)


  • MODULE 4
  • MODULE 5
  • MODULE 6
  • MODULE 7
  • Module 8

Module 4: Introduction to Design Patterns

Duration:  14m

Understand what design patterns are and how to apply design patterns to your BAS programs.

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    Avoid repeating yourself learn how to create and apply design patterns for your BAS programs (Lesson 2)

Checkout a sample video from the course

Preview The Course Workbook




You Are Protected By Phil Zito's "Grow In Your Knowledge Of Programming Or Get All Your Money-Back, No-Fuss, 30-Day Guarantee"

My new program BAS Programming Fundamentals comes with my No-Fuss, 30-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. 

By the time you finish this program, you will:

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    Know how common logic blocks function and when to use them
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    Be able to quickly write code for common sequence items
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    Be capable of creating full BAS Programs from scratch
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    Understand how to read and comprehend other programmers code

"You can learn to become a BAS Programmer. I've seen technicians go from knowing nothing about programming to writing full air handler programs in 30 days. I believe in my new program so much, I am offering a 30-day money back guarantee.  " - Phil Zito

If at any time during your first 30 days of owning this program you feel that I have not provided you the ability to become a better programmer then simply send an e-mail to Phil@PhilZito.com and I will send you your refund within 3 business days. If you aren't satisfied for any reason, then I do not want to keep your money.

I want to be clear, there are no strings attached to my refund policy. You don't need to fill out a form or answer some questionnaire... and I promise I won't question you or pressure you to try to change your mind. 

And you won't have to wait weeks for a refund. I will issue your refund within 3 business days.

What Is This Program Worth

This program will pay for itself and here's why:

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    You will learn how programming works, all of the common logic blocks, and how to use design patterns to rapidly write code. This alone will easily save you the cost of the course in the amount of time you gain back. (value of $2,400)
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    You will learn how to program, without leaving your house. You will not have to pay travel costs or take time off work. (value of $3,000)
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    You will have the ability to have me personally answer your programming questions on the live office hours calls. You will be able to tap into my vast experience, which if you were able to buy would cost you $500/hr (value of $7,800)
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    You will have lifetime access to the course and all future updates. As students ask questions this course will continue to expand and I will be adding new content to it. (value of $1,300)

That's easily a value of $14,500 dollars!

What if...

What if you knew how to program a building automation system?

What would your life be like if you could:

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    Quickly write BAS Programs from scratch
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    Work on your programs and projects independently and not have to rely on a senior technician for support
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    Enhance your resume and skill set allowing you to pursue raises and promotions 

Each one of those benefits would easily be worth the $2,000+ that traditional BAS training costs.

And the good news is that my program BAS Programming Fundamentals will deliver all THREE of those benefits and more! Not only will BAS Programming Fundamentals deliver more but it is the only course in the market specifically focused on teaching programming!

I'm Adding $9,799 Of Bonuses To Make This A No-Brainer Decision

For those who order the online course package today, I have two special bonuses.

Office Hours = biweekly live group video calls (value $7,800)

Biweekly office hours to discuss any questions related to the course

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    Get any and all questions related to the course answered
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    Work with me live through your programming challenges 


Continue Programming and growing! (value $1,999)

You can continue to grow in your programming with access to my programming library. Each month for 12 months I will add a program, sample code, and walkthrough video for the code. 

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    Learn increasingly complex programming through monthly coding challenges.
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    Access a library of sequences to practice your programming 

It's Time To Decide

What lies before you is the best BAS Programming training for Building Automation System Professionals in the world. This training will give you all of the tools to create programs and future-proof your BAS career.

But it's up to you. Only you can make the choice to invest in yourself. I can't make you click the button below. I've provided you with the best BAS Programming training program in the world for the best value. I've shown you what will happen if you do not grow in your knowledge of BAS Programming.

Avoid spending years wandering in the desert trying to learn BAS programming and enter the oasis of programming knowledge also known as BAS Programming Fundamentals.

It's up to you now to decide which path you follow.

The path most people take is to continue along, ignorant of the change that is happening around them until it's too late and they've been passed by. Most people along this path will spend years trying to learn programming on their own when BAS Programming Fundamentals teaches them everything they need to know in a few short weeks.

The other path, the one less traveled, is to choose to invest in yourself and master the skill of programming BAS. These are the people who value their time and their careers. The intelligent few who see that the minor cost of BAS Programming Fundamentals is vastly outweighed by the value of mastering the ability to program a BAS.

Which one do you choose...

Invest In Yourself

Yes, Phil, I choose to invest in myself by purchasing BAS Programming Fundamentals to grow my knowledge of BAS Programming. I understand that when I reserve my spot today, I'm getting:

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    Access to all 8 Modules (over 45+ training videos) (Value $2,400)
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    Ability to access the course online and without having to travel or take time off work (Value $3,000)
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    The course workbook (Value $499)
  • check
    Bi-Weekly Office Hour Webinar Calls (Value $7,800)
  • check
    Final Exam and Certificate (Value $1,000)

The Total ACTUAL Retail Value Of This Program Is $14,699!

But when I purchase BAS Programming Fundamentals today my investment is only one payment of $1999 or four payments of $549


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    Lifetime access
  • check-circle-o
    3 Core Modules
  • check-circle-o
    5 Advanced Modules
  • check-circle-o
    Live Biweekly Office Calls
  • check-circle-o
    On-demand Downloads of Audio, Video, and Text Files
  • check-circle-o
    Control Sequence Vault and Monthly Programming Challenge
  • check-circle-o
    Final Exam and Certification
  • check-circle-o
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • check-circle-o
    Lifetime access
  • check-circle-o
    3 Core Modules
  • check-circle-o
    5 Advanced Modules
  • check-circle-o
    Live Biweekly Office Calls
  • check-circle-o
    On-demand Downloads of Audio, Video, and Text Files
  • check-circle-o
    Control Sequence Vault and Monthly Programming Challenge
  • check-circle-o
    Final Exam and Certification
  • check-circle-o
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee



Here are some of the most common questions my students ask prior to enrolling in the course.

I'm not technical will this work for me?

 What makes you qualified to teach this?

How will I interact with you and other students

Do you provide group discounts

Do I have to access the course at set times?

What is the most common misconception about this course?

How much time will this take?

How do I access the videos?

What if I can't make the online group training calls

 When will the class start

What if I have a question you haven't answered here

Don't be Left Behind: Get BAS Programming Fundamentals Today!

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