This course is designed for BAS technicians, operators, designers, programmers, and service personnel who want to learn how BACnet, Lon, and Modbus work so that they can better support their company and customers.

Pre-requisite knowledge

Awareness of the parts and pieces of BAS. Basic knowledge of IT networking concepts. 2 years of field experience or equivalent. 


  • Learn exactly what you need to know about BACnet, Lon, and Modbus
  • Improve your ability to execute projects BACnet, Lon, and Modbus
  • Develop the ability to easily troubleshoot BACnet, Lon, and Modbus

Key Topics

This course will focus on providing the key knowledge of BAS protocols that BAS professionals need to support the design, install, and service of BAS. Whether you are a installer, designer, programmer, or operator this course will provide you with a solid understanding of the three most common BAS protocols that exist in the field today.

  • BACnet objects, services, and properties
  • BACnet/IP settings, design, and troubleshooting
  • check
    BBMD functionality and scaling BACnet networks
  • BACnet/MS/TP settings, design, and troubleshooting
  • check
    Lon nodes, network variables, and configuration parameters
  • check
    Lon network services, database, and plugins
  • check
    Lon FT-10 and EIA-852 design and topology reviews
  • check
    Modbus Objects and messaging
  • check
    Modbus function codes and error codes
  • check
    Modbus TCP and RTU fundamentals
  • check
    Modbus registers, coils, and discrete inputs

Successful completion will require:

Completion of all video lessons and successfully passing the course final exam with a score of 90% or greater.

Upon successful completion you will get:

Receive a certificate of completion and your name will be added to the certification database.

Student Testimonials

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"​The course covered a considerable amount of information. The good thing is that it can used as a reference to go back and check and review multiple times. As we come across real life problems, I'm confident the content will be of great value."

-​Ignacio Taveras
​energyIQ Group

Course Benefits

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Fully online
  • Lifetime access to the course
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    Regularly updated course material
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    Live bi-weekly office hours



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