This course is targeted towards new salespersons, technicians, designers, operators, consulting engineers, and project managers. This course provides the foundational knowledge for all of our other courses.

Pre-requisite knowledge

No awareness of the subject matter is required.


  • Provide a comprehensive reference guide for all things building automation
  • Understand all aspects of building automation systems
  • Learn the core knowledge you need to suceed in the field of building automation

Key Topics

This course will help you to develop the foundational knowledge to work in and on building automation systems. The key topics covered in this course are:

  • Develop the fundamental understanding of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) needed to support your BAS knowledge.
  • Gain the foundational awareness of building automation that is required of every building automation professional
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    Become a smart building expert by gaining a solid understanding of the different types of smart building systems and how they work
  • Make your conversations with information technology (IT) painless by learning the common IT terms, parts, and processes
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    Explore the subjects of electricity and energy management and discover how they impact building automation systems.
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    Demystify the procurement process, learn  how to work with procurement during the different phases of the process, and learn how to deal with cost segmentation and value-engineering.
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    Discover how the construction process works and what the involvement of the building automation professional is during the different parts of the construction process.
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    Tackle the most difficult BAS project there is (upgrading a BAS) with my step-by-step process and learn when you do and (more importantly) when you don't need to upgrade your BAS.
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    Create a solid management program for a buildings automation system and learn how to create standards for your future building automation systems.
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    Gain a solid understanding of what managed service providers (MSP) are, the pros and cons of the different types of maintenance, and how to maintain a building automation system.
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    In this advanced module you will learn how to build your own knowledge program and how to use financial metrics to define the success of your building automation efforts
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    Learn the difference between analytics and trends, what analytics are, how they work, and when they are right for a building.
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    Learn what the Internet of Things (IoT) is and how it is impacting the world of building automation.
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    Learn the basics of systems integration, what the three types of integration are, and when to perform each type of integration

Successful completion will require:

Completion of all video lessons and exercises.

Student Testimonial

"This is THE program to either get you started in the world of controls or to further your education and understanding of principle concepts."
- Joe Baucum

Course Benefits

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Fully online
  • Lifetime access to the course
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    Regularly updated course material



Here are some of the most common questions our students ask prior to enrolling in the course.

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