This course is targeted towards​ technicians, designers, operators​, and programmers who have at least 6 months of experience with BAS systems or have been through our BAS fundamentals course.

Pre-requisite knowledge

Fundamental awareness of the parts and pieces of BAS. Understanding of basic IT concepts like web browsers and networks.


  • Execute common controls tasks using Niagara workbench
  • Design and commission a JACE using Niagara workbench
  • Understand the capabilities of workbench to include, the Niagara Platform, Drives, Services, Graphics, Objects, Extensions, Views, Users, and more.
  • Learn to create a complete site and front-end from scratch with our walk-through video
  • Demonstrate the ability to write simple programs in wiresheet

Key Topics

​Students will learn how to commission and setup a JACE using the Niagara Workbench software. Specifically students will learn:

  • ​How to use the commissioning wizard to commission JACE's
  • ​How to setup the Niagara Platform Daemon and all of it's modules
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    ​How to add a JACE to a network
  • ​The Niagara object model, facets, folders, and object parameters
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    ​How to creat​e a BACnet trunk and discover BACnet devices and objects
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    ​How to setup the Niagara GUI including, graphics, hierarchies, point extensions, bFormatting, and schedules.
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    ​How to implement users securely using the category, role, and user services
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    ​How to utilize the Niagara help files
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    ​How to use the Niagara Palette and how to write simple programs using kitControl
  • How to use the program service and batch editor
  • How to create and use templates
  • How to write simple programs in wiresheet

Successful completion will require:

Completion of all video lessons​

​Student Testimonial

  • Student 1
  • Student 2

I was certified in Niagara AX when it first came out but never used it. I came back to the industry this year and took a N4-AX cross certification online course. After both of these, I still didn't feel I could hep the team effectively. Phil's course on N4 made the difference and gave me the confidence to start helping other engineers in the company, at a fraction of the cost of the formal Niagara certifications.

-Ignacio Taveras

Course Benefits

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Fully online
  • Lifetime access to the course
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    Regularly updated course material
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    Live bi-weekly office hours



Here are some of the most common questions our students ask prior to enrolling in the course.

 When will the class start

How do I access the videos?

Do I have to access the course at set times?

​What are the required ​course ​materials

What if I have a question you haven't answered here

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