Eliminate Talent Shortages and Increase Profitability

in Less than 90 days

Companies come to us when their existing staff are unable to keep up with backlog, they aren't hitting the amount of profit per employee that they'd like, or they are trying to skill up new or existing employees to perform building automation work.

We utilize a proven five step process that provides measurable increases in the abilities of our customers technical staff.


  • Learn how you can Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your employees
  • Navigate through our online training library which enables your employees to learn from home
  • Discover our unique skill validation and credentialing platform that validates your employees knowledge

Our Five Step Training Process

  • 1
    We have developed quantifiable online technical assessments that will identify skill gaps in BAS, HVAC, IT, Programming, Design, Sales, and Project Management knowledge. We are able to compare your employee's results with the results from our existing student database. This enables you to quickly pinpoint skill gap weaknesses that are costing your business margin, time, and revenue. We will present a complete gap analysis to you along with recommendations on how to close those gaps.
  • 2
    We have developed ​multiple course tracks that allow us to deliver focused training based on job role and skill set needs. In the case of your more senior or specialized employees we can build a customized track for you. Your employee will have online, on-demand access to the course track for a full year.
  • 3
    Our team provides regular reports on student status and we have built in post-course assessments to ensure your employees are retaining the knowledge they have gained. ​
  • 4
    Because our courses are fully online, on-demand, we are able to provide access to our training anywhere your employee can get internet access. it is common for our customer's employees to stop and watch one of our videos when they are having difficulty performing a task. We have built in discussion boards and live office hours for your employees to get further support.
  • 5
    At the end of the training period your employee will perform the full assessment again. We have seen measured increases in the area of 20% per subject matter area. What this means to you is that your employees will be better able to execute tasks resulting in more profit per employee. Our average customer sees a 3% to 5% increase on executed margin per employee.

There's a reason why 6,700 students from some of the largest OEM's, Contractors, and system integrators in the world have chosen Building Automation Monthly as their turnkey training provider. Read some of our student testimonials below.


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"​I​'ve been with the company doing control works for exactly one year, went from never seeing a control program, not stepping foot in the field for first 6 months, to now being transitioned in to a lead guy on jobs."

-​Allan DAntonio
Automated Logic

If you haven't done it yet, use the link below to schedule your free training demonstration to see how our programs can increase your executed margin and employee utilization.


  • Learn how you can Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your employees
  • Navigate through our online training library which enables your employees to learn from home
  • Discover our unique skill validation and credentialing platform that validates your employees knowledge

You Need To ​Protect ​Your Investment

Do you know how much it costs to have a new or existing employee shadow your senior technicians on a job site?

Our customers ​had an average billable rate of ​41% prior to enrolling their students in our programs. That means they were paying their employees to work 3​2 hours a week and NOT billing their customers!

I (Phil Zito, CEO of BAM LLC) managed a $60M operations team with 22 BAS professionals. I know first hand how hard it can be to develop your employees when you are managing finances, sales, and operations (plus the occasional site visit).

Unlike some training providers who have not worked in our field, BAM's extensive field experience translates enables us to understand your needs, we've been in your shoes!

With BAM's courses you ​WILL NOT​ have to sacrifice​ developing your employees in order to do the rest of your job.

​We will be with you every step of the way, we are your secret weapon in outperforming your competition.

And when your employees grow so does the profitability of your business.

​Eliminate travel, downtime, and forgetfulness

Did you know that:

  • After one hour, people retain less than half of the information presented.
  • ​After one day, people forget more than 70 percent of what was taught in training.
  • After six days, people forget 75 percent of the information in their training.

​Yet as an industry we still send our employees to in-person training expecting a different result...

​Why top building automation companies are working with Building Automation Monthly to make sure their employees are learning.

Building Automation Monthly's (BAM) courses are fully online, on-demand, accelerated learning experiences that will level up your employees talent and skill level from the very first video lesson. 

Every course goes through an extensive beta process with a minimum of 50 paid students prior to being rolled out. This ensures that every single minute of every lesson is delivering valuable insights that your employees can apply immediately.

If you don't use it, you lose it. Or at least that's how the saying goes.

But what if you didn't have to lose it?

Because BAM's courses come with online, on-demand access your employees can watch the lesson once or dozens of times. 

But what if my employee has a question?

BAM has you covered there as well.

Every other week there are live office hours where your employees can ask any questions they have about the course.

Can't wait for a live office hour session?

Every module comes with an easy to use discussion board to ask any questions about the course.

Building Automation Course Library

​We provide real-world, hands on training produced by training professionals who have actually worked in the field and have done the job they are training your employees to do.

About Your Lead Instructor

​Hi my name is Phil Zito and I am going to provide you and your employees the best BAS training to help you grow your business and succeed even more in the world of Building Automation.

My backstory: I started back in 2007 with no knowledge of BAS. Through the help of some great mentors and many, many long nights of self-study I taught myself BAS, IT, and Systems integration. 

Over the course of 10 years I went from a struggling technician to, leading a $60M dollar branch with 22 techs and project managers, and before I resigned to start Building Automation Monthly I was leading the technical systems integration program at Johnson Controls for a $250M line of business.

I know exactly what your employees need to know and I have the field experience to back it up!

“Everyone is capable of succeeding in Building Automation. All you need is the right guide to show you the way and point out the landmines along the path. I am that guide.”

-Phil Zito


  • Learn how you can easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of your employees
  • Take a guided tour through our online training library which enables your employees to learn from home
  • Discover how our unique skill validation and credentialing platform will validates your employees knowledge


Here are some of the most common questions managers ask prior to enrolling their students in our courses.

​Who have you worked with?

My employees are new, will your courses work for them?

 What makes you qualified to teach this?

How will my employees interact with you and other students?

How do I keep track of my employees progress?

Do my employees have to access the course at set times?

How much time will these courses take?

How do my employees access the videos?

 When will the course(s) start?

How do I know my employees are mastering the subject matter?

What if I have a question you haven't answered here?


  • ​Discover exactly where your employees are at​
  • ​Identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • ​Learn exactly what you need to improve to increase your profitability

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