​Improve Your ​BAS Skills

We at Building Automation Monthly are committed to you becoming the best darn Building Automation professional you can be. Even if you never purchase a single training program from us! To help you achieve that we will be regularly releasing a series of minicourses to help educate you in Building Automation. 

Unlike traditional marketing fluff these are full minicourses and you will leave the courses educated on the course material. Each minicourse comes with a full minicourse workbook that will guide you through the lessons. 

Thanks for being here!

-Phil Zito President and CEO Building Automation Monthly

BAS Fundamentals Mini Course

This course is all about the fundamentals of BAS: If you're new to building automation this course will give you a solid foundation in BAS regardless of what your day job is.

BAS Programming Mini Course

In this course, you'll learn what BAS Programming is, gain an understanding of the common BAS logic blocks, and learn my five step process which is the easiest (and most repeatable) system for getting programming ideas out of your head and onto the wiresheet.

IT Fundamentals Mini Course

In this course, you'll learn the foundations of information technology. You will learn who to work with in IT departments to get your requests approved, how networks work, the different kinds of BAS servers and databases, and the fundamentals of remote access and cyber-security.

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