This program takes the student through a complete look at BAS components, processes, and use scenarios.

The purpose of this course is to provide a foundational set of knowledge upon which the student can build their career.

All of our other courses are dependent on a student having this foundational knowledge.


Students will do a comprehensive study of control sequences. We will move from simple terminal units all the way to complex central plants. During this course, the student will learn the theory specific to systems control.

While this course will address theory, it is theory tempered by my experience with over a decade of working on some of the most complex projects in the world.

Students will learn the why behind BAS control strategies and will leave with a solid understanding of “how” systems work.


You can enter this course with ZERO BAS programming knowledge and you will leave the course with the ability to program VAV boxes, Rooftop Units, and Chillers FROM SCRATCH.

This course also includes everything you need:

►Programming software? Check!
►Virtual controller? Check!
►Fully online, lifetime access so you never have to travel? Check!

And the best part is, you can start right now. You don’t have to wait until a class slot opens up. In just a few short weeks you could be writing programs from scratch.

The purpose of this program is to make the student conversational in IT so that they confidently work with IT departments during the sales and operations phases of a BAS project.

The student will spend 6 modules learning the fundamental IT skills needed to be “conversational” and then can dive deeper with more advanced topics and hands-on exercises in the remaining 7 modules.

The world of building automation can be a scary place. There’s so much to know and very few people have experienced all the complexities of building automation.

Trying to navigate this often confusing world is made even hard due to the lack of quality training. 

The end result of this is that you go through your career never fully understanding building automation. 

What if there was a program that could show you the way. That could light up all the dark scary corners and help you to see your way down the path that is your career.

Building Automation Systems A to Z is that way.