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Courses for those who are looking to learn more about Building Automation Systems

The Complete Beginners Guide to The Building Automation Systems Industry

For those who want to be conversational about Building Automation and are looking to familiarize themselves with the Building Automation Industry.

Your On-Demand Library of Niagara Training Videos

If you are looking for a low-cost option to learn how to execute the most common job tasks with Niagara then this course is for you!

Your On-Demand Library of Niagara Training Videos

Struggling with tuning PID loops? This course will teach you how to effortlessly tune and troubleshoot PID Loops.


Foundational knowledge courses for Building Automation Professionals

Everything You Need To Know About Building Automation To Start Your Career

Foundational course that provides the knowledge necessary for a career in Building Automation. This course is well suited for any professional in managerial, sales, or technical roles.

Learn how to control HVAC equipment without a 5-year apprenticeship

Students will do a comprehensive study of control sequences. We will move from simple terminal units all the way to complex central plants. During this course, the student will learn the theory specific to systems control.

While this course will address theory, it is theory tempered by my experience with over a decade of working on some of the most complex projects in the world.

Students will learn the why behind BAS control strategies and will leave with a solid understanding of “how” systems work.

Learn everything you need to know about information technology to succeed in BAS

The purpose of this program is to make the student conversational in IT so that they confidently work with IT departments during the sales and operations phases of a BAS project.

The student will spend 6 modules learning the fundamental IT skills needed to be “conversational” and then can dive deeper with more advanced topics and hands-on exercises in the remaining 7 modules.

Complete coverage of the three major building automation protocols you use everyday

In this course, students will learn the three major BAS Protocols that they will work with throughout their career. This course will go in-depth and will provide students with a solid understanding of BACnet, LON, and Modbus.

The course will include sample network traffic and a detailed analysis of all aspects of these three protocols.

Learn how to integrate systems using common protocols and APIs with this hands-on course

This course will teach students the complete system integration process. Students will create a business case, specification, and technical design.

Once complete, students will use the included BACnet software to integrate multiple systems and will write a Windows Service to consume a live API.

Finally, students will learn how to develop and implement a support program for their integrations.


Hit your sales numbers by increasing your ability to scope and estimate building automation systems

Struggling to hit your sales numbers? Does it seem to take you a long time to create an estimate for a job? Are you brand new to building automation and struggling to know how to sell and estimate BAS work?

This course includes everything you need to hit the ground running:

►Step-by-step checklists? Check!
►Hands-on scoping and estimating exercises? Check!
►Fully online, lifetime access so you never have to travel? Check!

And the best part is, you can start right now. You don’t have to wait until a class slot opens up. In just a few short days you could be estimating and scoping BAS work with ease.

Learn to easily program building automation systems

You can enter this course with ZERO BAS programming knowledge and you will leave the course with the ability to program VAV boxes, Rooftop Units, and Chillers FROM SCRATCH.

This course also includes everything you need:

►Programming software? Check!
►Virtual controller? Check!
►Fully online, lifetime access so you never have to travel? Check!

And the best part is, you can start right now. You don’t have to wait until a class slot opens up. In just a few short weeks you could be writing programs from scratch.

Learn to create control submittals from scratch

In this course, BAS Professionals will learn how to create a full BAS Submittal package from scratch. Students will be provided with a set of submittal templates, checklists, and worksheets. As students move through the course they will learn the submittal process and will create a complete submittal package utilizing actual job drawings, specifications, and scope letters.

Learn how to install, checkout, and configure building automation controls from inputs to servers.

In this fully online course building automation professionals learn how to install, set up, configure and checkout building automation systems. Utilizing the 32 cheat sheets, checklists, and exercises provided in the course students will follow a controls submittal (included) as they mount, wire, power, configure, and checkout building automation controls.